Service Areas

Maid Service and House Cleaning Longview Tx, Maid Service in Gilmer, Hallsville Texas. We have been the number 1 choice in Residential Cleaning since 2011. Housekeeper in Longview Texas, Kilgore Texas, and Hallsville Texas. We are former corporate managers that understand your busy schedule and are here to make life easier. We have experienced trained house cleaners that work with us the owners first hand! We also perform office and church cleanings. We currently service two churches in Longview Texas including a very large Lutheran Church.

Debi and Larry

Debi and Larry

Longview and Tyler Apartment Cleaning

We absolutely clean apartments.  Apartment cleaning comes in a number of shapes and sizes.  We have had clients request move in and move out service.

We have also had clients request recurring weekly, every other week, and monthly maintain cleanings.  We love apartment cleans that are recurring because they are small and square footage.  Because of that the client themselves can win big.

Generally a weekly maintain cleaning on a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment will cost around $50.  And a deep cleaning on a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom would start about $110. Under 800 square foot.  Depending on soil levels.

Make ready, move in, and out cleanings will run a little more than that with if ovens and fridge cleanings are involved.