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Maid Service and House Cleaning Longview Tx, Maid Service in Gilmer, Hallsville Texas. We have been the number 1 choice in Residential Cleaning since 2011. Housekeeper in Longview Texas, Kilgore Texas, and Hallsville Texas. We are former corporate managers that understand your busy schedule and are here to make life easier. We have experienced trained house cleaners that work with us the owners first hand! We also perform office and church cleanings. We currently service two churches in Longview Texas including a very large Lutheran Church.

Debi and Larry

Debi and Larry

Now doing Estate and Hoarder Clean Outs

Debi Does Houses is now doing Estate and Minor Hoarding Clean Outs. We are now open to do these cleanouts on days that are not serviced by regular (recurring clients) and on weekends. We come out and our 3 person team will evaluate and determine a bid for the property. We then agree to clean the property out over a period of time usually 2-4 weeks. Any items may be tagged to either keep or be donated to location to a non profit of your choice. We will provide the trailers to haul and the labor. We do require payment of gas and expenses such as trash bags. After that we have the option of cleaning the property as well (if reasonably able to be cleaned). Provided the property is not unreasonably unsanitary or has biohazards. At this time we will not do Estate or Hoarding projects that have biohazards involved such as blood, feces, animals (alive or dead). Call us at 903.746.3683.

Below are some expectations:

-We require up front payment of half of the total job.

-Hoarder and estate cleanups are extremely hard and generally time consuming. We charge by the square foot usually around $2.00-$3.00 per square foot.

-We do not pay for the cost of dumpster rentals. Generally they will cost between $300-$500 per week. If you live in a town with no limits on trash bags that can be extremely cost saving. Or trash can be taken to a local landfill (going rate is around .75 cents per bag).

-We provide a 3 man crew as part of the charge. Hauler expenses are $50 per day of hauling plus gas. A 2,000 sq ft home that is a hoarder scale of 3 out of 5 will generally need 4 days of hauling and around 20 trips total either to donation locations or landfills or both.

-Any additional team members that have to be added are charged extra. For example a 3,000 sq foot or bigger property will probably require 4-5 total crew members.

-At this time it is possible to hire us for some junk removal (couches, furniture, etc.) at a minimum cost of $100 for a 1/4 load on trailer. (subject to availability of hauler) (paints, thinners, batteries, anything with freon can not be removed)(payment to landfills not included)

-We understand that Hoarder and Estate Cleans can be very hard on a budget.  You do have the option to pay using Pay Pal which would allow you to use your Major Credit Cards.  Most of these cleans take several hundred man hours.  

-Why is it worth hiring someone?  Because of time!  The last estate/hoarder we did took us 303 man hours (a common 2,000 sq ft type home with a garage).  That's around 20 weekends at 8 hours a day gone if you tried to do it yourself.  We can do it in 1-3 weeks.

-We are still cheaper than a lot of estate/hoarder type clean out businesses.  The hoarder cleans you see on TV can cost $10,000-$20,000.  In most cases we will not be more than around $6,000.  And average around $3,500.