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Professional Residential Cleaning providing skilled house cleaning service in Longview Tx, Tyler Tx, and Kilgore Texas. Looking for maid service in White Oak or Hallsville Texas? We service it. We are the skilled "Maid Service" alternative for Longview, Spring hill Tx, White Oak, Kilgore, Whitehouse, Hallsville. Over 2000 successful happy cleans since 2011 across Longview and East Texas. Our cleaning team has 18 years of combined cleaning experience.

Do you have a small office like a insurance, dental, real estate office? We clean offices and are fully insured for janitorial office cleaning in Longview Texas.

Debi Cleans Houses is formerly Debi Does Houses. Note: Our vehicle will still reflect Debi Does Houses on cleans.

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Fully Insured by Liberty Mutual

Fully Insured by Liberty Mutual



House Cleaning Services Choices

Please use our automated quote form which sends specific home information directly to us.  We can give you a accurate general quote with this information.  


Proudly accepting credit and debit cards via Fully Secure Pay Pal invoicing now! Note: We invoice for the cleaning.  Generally, 2-3 business days prior to your cleanings.  If the invoice is NOT paid prior to the cleaning the cleaning is NOT performed.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Thanks.  This is for Pay Pal (debit and credit card payments only).  Cash and Check can be left day of cleaning of course.

Basic Cleaning Items (Recurring Cleans and One Time Basics)(Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly Discounted Rates)

Make sure you check out our gallery of homes section to see our high quality work that we feel (and have been told) is the best quality work in East Texas.  The franchises can not compete with us on quality.
  •  Kitchen includes (cleaning counters, top of stove, behind, underneath, outside of all appliances, inside/outside of microwave, backsplash, sink)
  •  Floors (vacuuming carpeted areas, sweeping, microfiber sweep, mopping of hardwood, tile areas)(this includes all reachable areas of home.)
  •  Bathrooms (sanitizing and cleaning of toilets, cleaning of showers and bathtubs (not re-grouting or deep grout cleaning) cleaning and shining faucets, cleaning counter tops, mirrors)(we no longer do custom shower glass enclosures)
  •  Dusting (Wet and Swiffer dusting of knick knacks, wood furniture, electronics, window sills, picture frames)
  •  Dusting of ceiling fan blades (rotated clean to clean room to room - we check them every clean)
  •  Empty bathroom, office, bedroom trash cans (kitchen as well provided there is a trash can outside)(replace with liners)
  •  Baseboards around toilet area  (as needed)
  •  Windows Sills (rotated clean to clean room to room (must be reachable))
  •  Cob Web Removal (as needed/done 1st cleaning always)(in country or on lake we may discuss these)
  •  Backdoor windows, living area windows (if no blinds or screens), front door windows  (rotated into recurring cleans only) (one time deep or basic cleans are charged at the below window rate)
Other recurring add on items.

- Can sweep most front and back porches for $10 additional.  (If it is huge we will talk about it)
- Got a single story home and need the windows cleaned?  We do the inside and out for $5 per small window.  $10 per large window.  About half the going rate of "professional" window washers.  (Must be reachable with tall commercial step ladders)(You must remove screens prior to cleaning).  (Price includes window sills)

How long is the average basic upkeep maintain cleaning?  

Varies based on home size, frequency of cleans, and traffic (pets/kids).  1500-2000 square foot around 4 man hours.  2100-2400 - 5 man hours 2400-2800 - 5.50-6 man hours 2800-3200 6-10 man hours 3200 and up at least 8 and likely up to 10-12 man hours.  Again, these are man hours.  We clean in groups of 2-4.  So it we will be much more efficient in giving great cleans and getting your home back to you.  For one time cleans that need catch up it is NOT uncommon to see about the cleaning be 10-12 man hours.  We believe in doing REAL cleaning.  We use the best supplies and equipment.  

If your previous cleaner was cleaning a 2000 square foot home in 2 hours then in our opinion they were not cleaning to our detail.  We have high quality standards. We double, triple check our cleanings.  One person should not be able to clean a 2000 square foot property in 2 hours unless it is a virtually no traffic home. 
Deep Cleaning Items (One Time, Quarterly, Every 6 months, Move In/Out)

    Everything listed in Basic Cleaning Plus:

  •    Wet clean baseboards $35
  •     Dusting ceiling fan blades (must be reachable)(now rotated in regular cleans!)
  •     Cleaning door frames $35
  •    Cleaning Doors (comes with door frames)
  •    Fridges Inside $35.
  •    Clean outside of kitchen and bath room cabinets $35
  •    Inside of Ovens $30

   How long does the average deep cleaning take?   

It depends.  If the home has been regularly deep cleaned (every 3-6 months) on about 2500 square foot it could take around 15 man hours.  If the home has been longer than this add about 5 man hours to that.  If it has been maybe never deep cleaned.  It can and has taken 30-40 man hours.  Again, these are man hours and we work in at least a 3 person team currently.  And some times 4 persons.  So we still try to get those cleans done same day.  Add about 5 man hours for every 500 square foot extra.  We recently had a deep cleaning on 1150 square foot that had went years without a deep cleaning.  It took 20 man hours.  3 people almost 7 hours.  Keep this in mind when submitting a bid and please understand that we have done this long enough we can SEE the difference in how the home is maintained as soon as we show up to clean.  We TRY to walk through every property prior to cleaning.  However, on people moving in from out of state on move in cleans we understand it is likely a sight unseen cleaning.  So you need to please be honest.  We reserve the right to refuse any cleaning if the dirt level was severely underestimated. 
Note:  We no longer offer blind cleanings.
We do not do excessive clutter removal

We can do minimal clutter pickup unless it adds more than 10 minutes to a cleaning.  Or we round the charge to the next 15 minutes.

Every 6 Months Recurring Deep Cleanings

With having a corporate background we are always looking for better ways to service clients around Longview, Tyler, and Marshall.

One of these ways to offer a different service is by offering quarterly (once every 6 months) recurring deep cleanings.  We would give a $25 discount on each deep cleaning on homes that are less than 2500 square foot.  Which means for a home that is a $300 deep cleaning (this is a example charge) would be $275 for each cleaning!

Which means all the items on the basic cleaning list and all the items on the deep cleaning list!  Although, we do not require contracts on most cleanings we would require an agreement on 4 deep cleanings over a year span from the date of the first deep cleaning.

The savings on this offer is unbeatable.  Call Us today to setup a walk through for your deep cleaning today! On homes larger than 2500 square foot please call us so we can discuss a possible scheduling of this offer. 

Note: If you have a high traffic home.  Or home with more than 2 pets.  This likely would not be your best option for maintaining your home. The maximum life span of a cleaning on a high traffic home or home with several pets is about 4 weeks or less. Also, if it has been longer than 6 months since your last deep cleaning we do charge extra the first deep cleaning.  We require a walk through prior to agreeing to do the deep cleaning.

This could be a real good way to get area lake homes ready for visitations.  Do you have a vacation home or seasonal home at Lake Cherokee, Lake of the Pines, Lake Hawkins, or Lake Tyler?  Schedule a recurring house cleaning for those homes!  We service those areas as well.  We can come in and get that home ready for your spring break, summer.  Or in East Texas people will have Thanksgiving or Christmas at their lake homes.  

Apartment Cleaning

We absolutely clean apartments.  Apartment cleaning comes in a number of shapes and sizes.  We have had clients request move in and move out service.

We have also had clients request recurring weekly, every other week, and monthly maintain cleanings.  We love apartment cleans that are recurring because they are small and square footage.  Because of that the client themselves can win big.

Generally a weekly maintain cleaning on a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment will cost around $50.  And a deep cleaning on a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom would start about $90.

Make ready, move in, and out cleanings will run a little more than that with if ovens and fridge cleanings are involved.

Call Debi Does Houses today about scheduling your apartment cleaning in Longview, Tyler Tx, Marshall Texas.  And all areas in between.

Service Areas for apartment recurring cleans would also include Spring Hill, Lindale, Big Sandy, Gilmer, Gladewater, Hallsville, and Kilgore Texas. 


  •     Cheryl Debi does my house twice a month and I love it! The 1st time I saw her work, my thought's were "it sparkles!" and it does. She's on time, trustworthy, and you sure get your money's worth! Gilmer Texas
  • Catherine Y'all did an AMAZING job on the house!  Thanks so much!  Just having that junk out of the toilets was progress, LOL.  I tried everything I could find at the stores to get it out and nothing would work. Longview Texas
  •     Cliff Debi came in and cleaned a place that needed it badly... It looked clean and new after she was done! Debi was professional in scheduling and being prompt and on time! Big Sandy Texas
  •     Robert My house always looks great and smells fantastic after Debi and Larry are done! Longview Texas RIP Robert
  •     Rob F They are among the best cleaners we've ever had!! They pet sit as well! Hallsville Texas
  •     Kim G Thank you for doing a great job on my house!! Longview Texas
  •     M You did such a great job!! No wonder you are highly recommended!! Great job on our house! Absolutely no issues with our cleanings! Longview Texas
  •      Jac Larry and Debi have provided full housecleaning services on a weekly basis. They do it all, all rooms, vacuuming, dusting, all floors. Am very well satisfied with the work ethic displayed. They are focused and get the job done in a timely manner. Am also pleased with their outgoing personalities. Enjoy the time they are here. Kilgore Texas
  •     Sharon My house looked fabulous!  Thank you so very much!  So happy that I found you guys! Kilgore Texas
  •     Callan Everything looked great!  It was so nice to come home to a shiny clean home.   I thought the stainless steel in the kitchen looked AWESOME.  I haven't been able to get it that clean, ever. Pine Tree Texas
  •  Carianne You guys did a great job, and everything was nice and clean! Pine Tree Texas
  • Stacie Just a quick note to both of you about how much I appreciate your hard work on Friday. I had lots of company over the weekend and everyone talked about how great everything looked. I ONLY have you guys to thank for that. Gladewater Texas
  • Karri My house looks great! My shower has never looked so clean!  Marshall Texas

Call Us at 903-746-3683 for a free estimate on cleaning services available in Longview, Marshall, Kilgore, White Oak, Spring Hill! We give discounts for recurring bi-weekly and weekly cleans!