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House Cleaning Longview Tx, Maid Service in Gilmer, Hallsville Texas. We have been the number 1 choice in Residential Cleaning since 2011. Housekeeper in Longview Texas, Kilgore Texas, and Hallsville Texas. We are former corporate managers that understand your busy schedule and are here to make life easier. We have experienced trained house cleaners that work with us the owners first hand!

Debi and Larry

Debi and Larry

Recurring and Deep Cleaning Services

We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basic cleaning services. The most common is every other week (bi-weekly) services for clients around Longview, Hallsville, Kilgore, or Gilmer Texas.  We also service Marshall Texas with cleaning services as well. Use the automated quote button to email us for a bid on your home.

Kitchen includes
  1. Cleaning Counters
  2. Top of Stove
  3. Behind, Underneath, outside of all small appliances (coffee pots, toasters, etc.)
  4. inside/outside of microwave
  5. backsplash
  6. sinks (shine faucets as well)
  7. Cleaning outside of refrigerator
  8. Cleaning outside of dish washer
  9. Vacuum hard surfaces
  10. Wet or Bona Mop hard surfaces
Living Areas includes
    1. Dusting all knick knacks
    2. Dusting all picture frames
    3. Dusting electronics
    4. Vacuum Carpet or Vacuum Hard Surfaces
    5. Mop (wet or Bona) Hard Surfaces
    6. Clean French Door Windows (inside and out)
    7. Cleaning any glass tables
    8. Vacuum off fireplace ledges
Bedrooms includes
      1. Dusting all knick knacks
      2. Dusting all picture frames
      3. Dusting electronics
      4. Make The Beds
      5. Vacuum Carpet (when possible under dressers and bed)
Bathrooms includes
        1. Cleaning of vanities
        2. Cleaning of sinks
        3. Cleaning of toilets
        4. Cleaning of shower walls (not deep grout cleaning)
        5. Cleaning of shower flooring
        6. Cleaning of bathtubs
        7. Dusting of vanity products (within reason)
        8. Dusting of picture frames
        9. Wet Hand Wipe Baseboards around toilet area
        10. Cleaning mirrors, faucets, towel holders
        11. Cleaning of bathroom scales
All areas:
          1. Replace trash liners in offices, bathrooms, kitchen (must provide kitchen bags and have a place to put it)(We carry 4 gallon bags only)
          2. Dusting of window sills (ledges) (Must be reachable)
          3. Dusting of ceiling fan blades
          4. Cob Web Removal (as needed/if you live in the country or by a lake where you KNOW this is going to be every cleaning please let us know)

Recurring deep cleanings are offered only on a quarterly basis.  Unless you have a EXTREMELY high traffic home with over 6 pets (inside/outside) and several children.  Then your home simply does not need to be deep cleaned on a basis more than every 3 months.  Franchises do a "surface" deep cleaning even on a weekly basis.   The issue there is the home does not need it.  Baseboards and cabinets are not going to get that dirty in a week.  But, it allows them to charge a "deep cleaning fee" every week.  Charging people $260 for 2400 square foot weekly is just excessive and not needed. 

All 38 points of interest from above plus:

All Areas
          1. Wet Hand Wipe Baseboards
          2. Wet Hand Wipe Kitchen Cabinets (Front, Sides)
          3. Wet Hand Wipe Bathroom Cabinets (Front, Sides)
          4. Wet Hand Wipe Doors
          5. Wet Hand Wipe Door Frames

Items that are as needed (Extra Charge)
              1. Inside of Refrigerator
              2. Inside of Ovens

Sorry we no longer do blinds and we do not do excessive clutter.